QR Codes and Our History

For this project we will be building a web of historical pages for our school and district website that will bring the historical photos at Tok School to the web. We have many wonderful historical photos on the walls of our hallways at Tok School. However, that is the only public place where these photos and any information about them exist. We will be studying these photos more and learning more about the history behind them. Each group of students will take the information currently displayed and research for more information to create a wiki page about each of the photos. We will link these sites together as an informational historical site for our school and district web pages. We will also be generating QR Codes to post alongside each picture in the hallway, so that visitors to our school may also go to these web pages you create to learn more.

Georgia and Annie - Tanacross Garden
Hattan and Michelle - Tanacross Telegraph
Phillip and Dakota - Tanana River Bridge
Sterling and Allen - Tok Lodge
Colton and Flynt - Gilliam's Store
Ariana and Kia - Alaska Yukon Border
Payton and Katrice - Tanacross Hangar
Preston and Jacen - Tanacross Elders
Joseph and David - Post's Service
Jacob - U.S. Customs
Shashanna - Tok River Sawmill
Jo - Tok/Tanacross Mail Plane
Tim and Kody - Parker House
Vanessa and Ryley - Fred Terwilliger Dog Mushing

If you want to generate QR codes online, go to this website for a QR Code Generator
Search for more info about your picture and related pictures at Alaska's Digital Archives
The Alaska Milepost - information and some history about Alaska communities.
A short history of Tanacross
A little more history on Tok

4/2/12 - Form groups, study the photos and info and choose one to research. Take photos and get signed up for your wiki page. Begin to post pictures and title. Put a link to your wiki on the side bar of your blog - title the link "Tok Photo History Project"
4/9/12 - Do some more research using the links above. Add some more information (and pics if you can find them) to your page. Be sure to cite your sources (see me if you need help with this). Also, we need to come up with a name of AT LEAST one person you can interview to get more information about your picture.

QR Code Comic Tutorial