Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing your attitude toward a certain cause or position. Propaganda is not necessarily a lie, but those communicating the message use certain techniques that present the truth in ways that will influence you. It's important to be able to recognize propaganda so that you are not a gullible consumer of information. Be critical of the messages you get from any media - question it and make an effort to get the bigger picture and learn as many of the facts as you can. You need to be able to make up your OWN mind - not have someone else do it for you.

Propaganda Techniques we will study:
Lesser of two evils
Down with the kids

Due Dates:
3/23/12 - In your partner groups, research the technique you have been assigned. Come up with one real-life example that uses that technique. Explain the example, and tell how the technique was used. Post this on your blogs (same post for both partners). Your blog title should be "Propaganda - name of technique".
Write a short explanation that 1. explains the situation or message and 2. explains how your technique was used in that message. Use pictures of anything that will help explain what you are talking about - include them in the post.

3/27/12 - With a partner, you will work with a different technique than the one you were originally assigned. You and your partner will create an advertisement for an idea or a product that may not be very popular or may be hard to sell. You will use the propaganda technique you have been assigned to try to persuade people to like, agree with, or buy your product or idea. You must first decide on the product or idea and clear it with me. After that, you will write a script and plan your short video commercial. Today, ideas are due and outlines for scripts are due by the end of the period.

3/30/12 - Propaganda ads to be completed posted on blogs. Blog title must be "Propaganda".