EXPLORING ART - A Documentary

For this project you will be creating a documentary (you may use a slideshow or iMovie, but you must incorporate sound - need to hear your voice!).

You will be exploring various art forms that include

Cartoon Art
Modern Art
Pop Art
Still Life
"Math" Art
Tattoo Art (you will not be giving yourself or anyone else an actual tattoo, but the designs used in tattoos are very beautiful and creative, and are usually done with ink and paper FIRST before used as a tattoo).

1. I will introduce the various forms and give a little introduction/example
2. You will experiment around with one or two kinds you may be interested in
3. You will choose one form, then proceed to learn more about it and decide on a piece to create yourself
4. You will document your process with pictures/movies and notes.
5. When you are done, you will create a documentary that gives a background on the form of art, your process in deciding/choosing what you did, and how you went about it using pictures, your voice, movies, etc.

1. Introduce the project - what art forms were you introduced to? What did you think?
2. Tell about what forms you tried out initially. What happened? How did that go? How did you feel about your efforts and the style?
3. Tell about what style you finally decided on for your final project. Why did you choose this?
4. Tell about what you ended up creating for your final piece - describe it. How did that work out? What was the process like? How do you feel about the final outcome?

3/5/12 - Turn in 2 of your "attempts" at two different forms. On the top of the page include your name, and the name of the art form.
3/6/12 - Choose an art form you are going to pursue for your documentary. Start experimenting with some examples you find on the internet and at least ONE original idea - show Ms. Weisz your original idea by the end of class. Don't forget to be taking pictures and short videos of your process.
3/7/12 - You should be well into creating some original pieces in the art form you have chosen. By the end of class I need to see evidence that you are documenting your process - pictures & videos.
3/9/12 - Your written script (as outlined above) due at the end of class.
3/19/12 - Put your pictures and short movie clips together (in order) in iMovie. Practice your script and determine how long it will take you to speak it. Remember, some long pauses are ok because we will also be seeing images that help explain your process. You may use music in the background (iMovie music only, no commercial music as these will be going on your blog).