Using a Wiki 1/9/12

This week, you will all be signing up for your own WikiSpaces accounts. You will set up a wiki, and create one new page as a scrapbook page. Invite members to edit your wiki and add to your scrapbook.

Remember - as always, abide by the guidelines of digital citizenship in posting - do not post anything that is not respectful or appropriate, and remember - NO LAST NAMES ONLINE!

Make sure you have a link on your main wiki page to your blog, and on your blog make sure you have a link list widget that has a link to your wiki.

In using your scrapbook this week, I'd like you to post on others' scrapbook wikis, as well as your own. Use the text tools, and practice with links, uploading files (pictures and documents), as well as embedding some html from websites you like.

Don't forget - EDIT/SAVE are the most important wiki buttons!

*I expect you to have a nice looking home page on your wiki - with a picture or some other graphic that properly "introduces" you, as well as a working link to your blog, and some nice title text.
*I expect your scrapbook page to have some entries on it (picture files/html embedded code)- obviously as many as you want, but it must also include at least ONE contribution from someone else who is a member of your wiki.

Here are some fun sites where you can create things to embed or get screenshots to put on your wiki scrapbook (Note - some of these will require flash, so you may need to use a computer):

Street Sign Generator
Photo Pencil Sketch
Graffiti Creator
Photo Collage Maker (this one is really cool!)
Crayola Digi-Color (for those of you who still like color crayons!)
Mr. Picassohead
Draw It Live - collaborative drawing with others
Clay Animation - create a character that looks like you and your friends - take a screenshot and post it on your scrapbook wiki
Newspaper Clipping - create a fake newspaper clipping that looks like the real thing!
Voki - create speaking avatars and embed them into your wiki!
Animoto - create your own music videos and embed them on your wiki
XtraNormal - create your own text to speech movie with Avatars - EASY!

For you game writers, don't forget Scratch - you can embed games on your wiki!