We will use these links to explore Brazil’s quest for economic growth and identify the economic challenges the urban and rural poor in Brazil face. We will also learn how economic development has contributed to environmental change in Brazil - specifically in the Amazon.

1. A slide show of Rio de Janeiro
2. Favelas are the slum areas within Brazil's cities. This slide show explores one.
3. An article about walls that are being built around the slums (favelas) of Rio.
4. A slideshow about the walls around the favelas.
5. Key facts and figures about Brazil
6. __From this Amazonas page__, click the link for "Amazonas Interactive Map". Click on the cities around the Amazon region for more info and pictures.

Assignment - Use Scribble Maps to incorporate at least 1 piece of information from each of the above 6 links. You may put them in as pinpoints, text boxes, pop-ups, borders, or whatever else Scribble Maps has to offer. You may work with a partner. Embed your interactive Scribble Maps on your blogs.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel. It was built so that ships could cross through between the continents of North and South America, rather than have to take the dangerous sea journey around the tip of South America. The canal changed trade routes drastically. It also changed the country it cuts through - Panama.

Do some research on the Panama Canal. Create a Keynote that shows the following information with words and pictures - use as many slides as you need:
1. WHEN the Panama canal was built
2. WHAT problems did the canal solve?
3. WHAT problems did builders and engineers encounter when building the canal?
4. HOW did they overcome these problems
5. HOW does the Panama Canal work (explain with words and pictures the lock system)
6. MAP the Panama Canal