11/1/11 U.S. States Multimedia Project
For this project, you will do some research on a state assigned to you and a partner - the information will be displayed on your blog through the use of various web tools. You and your partner need to share a Google Doc and name it U.S. States Project. These are the project requirements you and your partner must research

  1. What is the populations of the state?
  2. What is the population density (in what areas is most of the population concentrated)?
  3. What are the major cities in the state?
  4. What are the natural resources? (be specific, don’t just say “minerals”, be able to tell what kinds, i.e. coal, iron, etc.)
  5. Name and describe at least one major tourist attraction (more if there are several).
  6. What are the state trees/flowers and mottos and is there a significance to those that says something about the people in that state?

  1. What is the absolute location of the boundaries of the state? When identifying this for a region, note the furthest north point, furthest south point, furthest east point, furthest west point.
  2. What is the relative location? Describe this using directional terms (north, south, east, west). Describe its relation to other states, countries, major landforms or bodies of water.

  1. Describe the physical characteristics of the state. This means you need to name major landforms and any unique physical characteristics. You need to describe the major types of vegetation of the area, and the climate. When describing the climate, discuss seasonal variations as well.
  2. Describe the human characteristics of the state. How many people live in the state? What is tourism like in the state? What are the major industries that employ people in the state? Are there any distinctive customs or beliefs in that state? Are there any distinctive foods?

  1. In what ways do people in this state use their environment?
  2. In what ways have they changed their environment?
  3. What are some of the consequences of these changes (negative and/or positive)?
  4. How have people in this state responded to changes in their environment?

  1. Describe how people move between places in this state.
  2. Describe how goods move between places in this state.

U.S. States Multiamedia project


STATES section:

Show this on a slideshow – can be keynote, iMovie, or powerpoint converted to quicktime and uploaded, OR any of the other online slideshows such as Google Presentations, SlideShare, SlideRocket, SlideSixx, etc.
Should include:
  1. Title slide
  2. Slide that says population with representative picture
  3. Slide of pop density map
  4. Slide of map showing ONLY major cities with populations (make a Scribble Map and take a pic)
  5. Slide introducing Natural Resources section of show
  6. Slide of each major natural resource with picture and any interesting info related.
  7. Slide introducing State Symbols
  8. Slide for each symbol with a picture
  9. End slide with credits (names of group)

This will be one interactive scribble map with labels, arrows, boundaries, etc.

  1. Imovie with green screen background that is representative of environment or environment change. Both students must be in the movie delivering info for items 1-4

  1. Stop motion movie with voice over that shows movement of people and goods (must include title slide (MOVEMENT IN ___, and 2 sub title slides that introduce “movement of people” and “movement of goods”.