Make sure you have set up your Diigo account at www.diigo.com

If you haven't already set up your Diigo bookmarklet on your iPad, follow the directions on this site The Diigo Diigolet for the IPad


Tagging - Tagging is a way of categorizing your bookmarks on Diigo that will allow you to sort and quickly find any site you've bookmarked in the past. It doesn't matter if you've bookmarked thousands of sites on Diigo - if you tag them, you will be able to find them quickly whenever you want them!

When you find a site you want to bookmark, whether it's for school or personal, think about what category that might be in. For example, if I like to check sports scores on the ESPN site, I might bookmark it, then add tags like "sports", and "basketball". Later, when I want to find sports scores, I would just search my Diigo account for "sports", and my ESPN site would show up, along with any other sites I tagged under that category. Diigo often suggests tags - you don't have to use any of them, but if you do, it makes it easy for you to just click on them. You can tag one site with as many tags as you want, but don't use too many - I would suggest no more than 3 or 4.

Practice Tagging
Below is a list of sites for you to check out. Go to each one, then, jot down 1 to 3 possible tags you might put on each one:

1. PBS Kids
2. Fox
3. Instructibles
5, RhymeZone
6. Figment
7. CSI Web Adventures
8. Rebus Puzzles and Brainteasers