10/10/11 Keynote for the iPad

Your project this week will be learning about and using Keynote on your iPad by actually doing a project in Keynote.

For this project you make a show for your parents, grandparents, or maybe a friend who doesn't live here to show what a typical day is like for your in school. It must be in chronological order and show examples of 1st through 6th periods, include your teachers' pictures and names, as well as some pictures of things like lunch, your friends, your locker, etc. You may NOT leave tech class to get these pictures, but make sure you are getting a few pictures throughout the day that you can use in the project.

In order to get full credit for this project, you must complete ALL of the requirements - points will be taken off for items not completed. Here are the project requirements:

1. Your project must be a minimum of 20 slides long.
2. You must choose a theme that is NOT white or black, but any of the other themes are ok.
3. Each slide must have text on it that describes the picture, but not more than 5 words per slide.
4. You must use some of the shapes (like the arrows or stars) on at least 2 slides - it must make logical sense why you are using them - don't just add them randomly for no reason.
5. You must add photo effects to at least 5 slides - apply reflections, add picture frames - whatever you like.
6. You must have a title on the first slide (Jane's typical day at Tok School) - of course you will use your name not "Jane".
7. You will lose points for any spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.

There are lots of tricks for editing in Keynote on the iPad - make sure to press the help button if you don't understand something so you can find out more. Also, if you discover a trick for re-arranging slides, adding effects, etc., share it with others.

These projects are due at the end of the day Thursday - email your finished keynote to Ms. Weisz