Assignment for 10/17/11
  1. Set up a place for keeping your web accounts, usernames, passwords. I recommend one Google Doc – DON’T name the doc “passwords”! Think of a secret name that only you will recognize to name it. Keep all of your accounts, usernames and passwords on this one doc.
  2. Go into all 4 slideshows I have given you and do the following for EACH ONE:

*Sign up for an account (if needed)
*Create a short slideshow about something simple – you may use some of your slides from your keynote you made for me and just call it “my day at school”. The slideshows you create in each one can be the same.

*When you create one in SimpleBooklet – get the embed code and put it in a new blog post. Call your blog post “Exploring Slideshow Tools”

*On the same post where you embed your SimpleBooklet, also add links to 1 of the other slideshows you have created in one of the other sites. Call your link “My slideshow on _” (the name of whatever tool you used – prezi, animoto, 280 slides)

*If you have time, get back into your diigo account, let’s get the diigolet working again and you can save these sites with the tag “slideshow” into Diigo.

OnLine Slideshow Tools: